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Quick flight

Quick flight

Work has been busy with lots of travel, so I haven’t been able to fly much. The weather was great, so I decided to head out and get some flying in.

On my way out the door I texted a budy to see if he wanted to go. He was in, but would be a bit behind me, so I went ahead and took off to get a little flying in before he got there.

We decided to do a mini cross country so he could do a little navigation.

Industry 4.0: Practitioners Share Real-World Examples - InSource Solutions

Industry 4.0: Practitioners Share Real-World Examples – InSource Solutions

We had an opportunity to contribute to a blog post on one of our partner’s web sites. InSource Solutions was doing a blog post where they wanted to share real world insights from their partners on Industry 4.0.

I was pleased to be one of those chosen to contribute. Please click on over and read the article:
Industry 4.0: Practitioners Share Real-World Examples – InSource Solutions

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Meet friends in Eureka Springs

Erica and I hadn’t really planned much for the weekend, but after working Saturday morning, Erica knew she wanted to do something a little fun. A co-worker of mine, had been camping in Arkansas over the weekend, and was planning a stop in Eureka Springs on their way back on Sunday, so we decided to head over that way for a few hours.

The return flight was pretty bumpy. You can see from the difference of the two track logs how the altitude is all over the place on the return trip vs the smooth and easy flight on the early morning leg.

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Fun flight to Cherokee Village

After a quick flight with Jayden and his girlfriend, I still wanted to do a little flying, so I gassed up the airplane and decided to fly down to Cherokee Village. My main goal was to see Thayer, Mammoth and Hardy from the air, but I quickly decided to go ahead and land at Cherokee Village and check out that air field.

On the way down, I did a low pass over Mom and Dad’s house, then flew along the river and lakes on the way to Cherokee Village airport. After a quick stop, I loaded back up. The air was cool, clear, and calm, and the airplane was climbing really well. I decided to go all the way up to 8,500, just for the fun of it.

The airplane climbed so well, I was already at 5,000 over the lakes at Cherokee Village, giving me a terrific view of Hardy, Mammoth, Thayer, West Plains, and Willow Springs just visible on the horizon.

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Spring Break Flight with Jayden

Friday night we had dinner with my friend Jayden, who was home for Spring Break with his girlfriend, Corra. Jayden was going to be making the long drive back to school the next day, but he jumped at the chance to go for an airplane ride Saturday morning, on his way back to school.

We agreed to meet early at the hangar and do a quick flight. This was going to be Corra’s first airplane ride, so I was pleased that I could help Jayden take her for her first flight.

Jayden did all the flying, so I got to enjoy the sites.