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Stone Technologies Merging with Gray Solutions

Stone Technologies is going to merge with Gray Solutions. Gray Solutions, a Gray company will be a bigger, stronger company leveraging the capabilities of both companies, and the resources of all Gray Inc Companies to serve our customers.

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Trumpeter Swans

There are a few ponds in central Arkansas where trumpeter swans overwinter. We got up early one morning and drove down to see them.

Paducah Training Flight

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2020 year in flying

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Long Cross Country

Social Distancing at Stone Technologies

Social Distancing at Stone Technologies

In this unprecedented time where people all over the world are asked to isolate themselves physically from the rest of society, businesses are looking for solutions to keep their operations running. Since our inception, Stone Technologies has built the company around the home office. There are plenty of challenges to remote work, but there are many advantages. While we are responding appropriately to protect our employees, and our clients during this public health crisis, we also stand ready to deliver for our clients with culture, technology, and people that are tuned to execute remotely.


  • Ability to hire the best people – regardless of where they live 
  • Improved employee satisfaction and work-life balance by providing schedule flexibility 
  • Allows our team members to relocate easily for aging parents, grandkids, or lifestyle changes 
  • Scales easily 
  • Saves time and reduces car expenses by not commuting, a much greener way to work 
  • Distributed and cloud-based systems are less subject to catastrophic failure 
  • In surveys for the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s annual Top Workplaces survey, our employees consistently cite our remote office and company culture as an important benefit 
Social Distancing at Stone Technologies

Customer Benefits

  • High employee retention because employee satisfaction means continuity over time for our client’s processes and technologies  
  • With people in 18 states, Stone may have a resource near you 
  • Lower total cost for projects 

We at Stone Technologies are eager to share our technology, procedures, and experience to help the community weather this storm. Let us know how we can help!