Fun flight to Cherokee Village

After a quick flight with Jayden and his girlfriend, I still wanted to do a little flying, so I gassed up the airplane and decided to fly down to Cherokee Village. My main goal was to see Thayer, Mammoth and Hardy from the air, but I quickly decided to go ahead and land at Cherokee Village and check out that air field.

On the way down, I did a low pass over Mom and Dad’s house, then flew along the river and lakes on the way to Cherokee Village airport. After a quick stop, I loaded back up. The air was cool, clear, and calm, and the airplane was climbing really well. I decided to go all the way up to 8,500, just for the fun of it.

The airplane climbed so well, I was already at 5,000 over the lakes at Cherokee Village, giving me a terrific view of Hardy, Mammoth, Thayer, West Plains, and Willow Springs just visible on the horizon.