Long IFR Cross Country

It has been a long time since I did any training for my instrument rating.  Even though our airplane isn’t equipped for IFR (yet), I still want to complete the rating.  I was able to connect with a CFII in Mountain Home,  at Big Air, which has a 2001 172.

I talked with the instructor and let him know that I had completed almost all of my requirements except for the long cross country, and that it had been quite a while since my last lesson. To my delight, he wanted to get aggressive about finishing me up and getting me to the check ride. He proposed that we go fly the long cross country, and based on that, he might refer me for the practical test.

We scheduled a few times, and with a combination of weather and maintenance, kept cancelling.  Finally, Thursday night we were able to go for a flight.  We flew over to West Memphis, where we did an ILS approach, with a miss, and hold at Gilmore VOR.  Then we headed West over to Delta Regional and shot both GPS Approaches with a landing on the last one.  After a short break, we were airborne and headed back to Baxter County where we did the ILS Localizer approach.