August was miserable for flying

I got back from a business trip in early August on the same day that an alternator issue surfaced, grounding the airplane for 15 days waiting for warranty service.  Which put the airplane back in service the day before I left for Oregon for 10 days.  By the time I got back, the airplane was due for an oil change.  That did give me a small excuse to fly, so I could warm up the oil for the oil change.  Shortly after the oil change, the airplane was down again due to the alternator connection to the battery.  We got that one fixed pretty quick.

On the last day of the month, it looked like my total flying time was going to be .2 hours.  I decided that would not do, and headed out to get a quick flight in on the last day.  I didn’t really have a plan for the flight, but I did practice some commercial maneuvers.  I did a few chandelles and a couple of power off 180 to a landing.  The wind was pretty swift, so the power off drill was a good exercise.

We are planning a little trip for Labor Day weekend, and a long trip toward the end of the month, so with some cooperation, I hope September will be a much better month for flying.

August wasn’t all bad though!

Deschutes River rafting
Lavendar Valley
EAA 292 Fly-In
Silver Falls State Park