Afternoon in Eureka Springs

Erica had to work this morning, but we wanted to do something fun.  A quick look and Eureka Springs was having a Jazz festival.  The weather looked good, so we planned to head out right after Erica got home from Work.

Carrol County Airport really does a great job.  They have great line personnel that will meet you at your airplane to tie it down, and if you pre-arranged a car, it will be sitting right there, ready to go.  They ask for $10 for the car, and that you return it full of gas.  Excellent service!

We drove into Eureka Springs, explored around for a while, listened to some music, then had a little dinner before heading back to the Airport.

On the way back, the sun was just setting, so we took a few pictures and headed up over Table Rock lake and took a few more with the reflections on the water.  Erica took all of those since I was busy flying.