Def Leppard concert in Little Rock

We flew down to Little Rock this weekend to see Erica’s grandmother and attend the Def Leppard/Journey concert at Verizon Arena.  We had booked the concert the day they opened sales, so we were able to get really good seats on the floor, close to the stage.

We dropped the dogs off at Maggie’s Farm in the morning, and headed up to the airport.  The weather had shifted a bit, making for cooler temperatures and less humidity, but also making for more clouds.

On the flight down, we stayed around 4,000 but did need to deviate around a few clouds to maintain VFR.  It was a good clear day, and there were lots of good routes, so there was never any fear of getting closed in by weather.

I rebooted the stratus while we were climbing out, so this is split into two.

For the flight back, I was a little concerned about the forecast for a thin layer of clouds and looking at the satellite imagery, it appeared that the cloud deck would be converging on Willow by mid day.  Cloud bases were forecast to be high enough for us to stay below and maintain VFR, but I wanted to go ahead and get in the air before it started heating up anyway, so we planned to depart after a somewhat leisurely morning.  Little Rock is a Class C airport, so we had to do the whole clearance delivery, ground, tower thing to get off the ground, but it was all pretty easy.