Ozark Balloon Glow

 We decided to go to the Balloon glow in Ozark Friday night, but Erica had to work until 6:30, making it difficult to drive/park/walk and get to the event in time to see anything.  We elected to take the airplane and shave a few minutes by having Erica meet me at the West Plains airport as soon as she got off work.  It worked terrifically, we were off, made good time in the air and got to the event in time to get a bite to eat before the balloons were inflated.

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On the way back, I climbed up to 7,500 ft to see if we could see any shooting stars or anything.  Unfortunately, the high humidity muck was still obscuring the sky a bit at that altitude.  We did a bit of an ear-popping descent into Willow after th climb, but it was worth it.