Fathers Day flight with Dad

For Father’s Day this year I had the opportunity to take my dad up for a flight.  We did a tour of our area, checking out several of the farms he keeps cattle on, their house, their lot on the river, then a flight over Lake Norfork, the Norfork river, and back into Willow Springs.  I owe a lot to my dad.  He has been a terrific mentor throughout my life and a lot of how I approach life is based on how I saw him live his life.  My love of aviation was cultivated early in my life too as he encouraged me, getting me my first airplane ride, then sending me through a ground school course while I was still very young. 

This is only the second time Dad and I have flown together.  I hope that now that I have access to an airplane, we can do a lot more, maybe even do a trip or two together.