Beale Street Music Festival 2018

Erica and I had planned for several months to take a long weekend to go down to Memphis and enjoy the Beale Street Music Festival.  I was able to use some hotel reward points and take  a sizable chunk out of the hotel bill, which can get pretty high downtown during the festival.

With the airplane up and running, we had hoped to take the airplane and fly into General Dewitt Spain airport just North of downtown.  Unfortunately, the weather for Friday was not going to make it a comfortable VFR flight, so we elected to drive.  I was glad I made the decision as the weather got pretty low around Jonesboro.  It would have been a pretty easy flight down IFR, if the pilot and plane were capable.  The return trip would have been a good VFR day, with a slight deviation around Jonesboro as there was a small pop-up thunderstorm when we passed through in the Jeep.

Friday night we were able to see

  • Dashboard Confessional – Caught the tail end of the show, but very good
  • Cake – Awesome show
  • Allanis Morissette – put on a great show, even though we just caught the tail end.

Saturday we did a bit of exploring around town, then went to see:

  • All Time Low
  • Chevelle
  • Incubus

On Sunday, we were a little slow getting around, then went to the Memphis Zoo and enjoyed seeing and photographing a lot of the animals.