Morocco – Day 1 – Arrival

After a short layover in Madrid and a quick flight into Marrakech, we arrived at the airport, changed our money and checked into the Le Meridian Hotel.  We dropped our bags off and hailed a cab to take us into Jama El-Fna square where we walked around a bit.

In the square, it is hectic and busy with performers, vendors, and very pushy salesmen working to get your attention.  Once they catch your focus, it is very difficult to get away.  I am sure we were busy to spot as the whole experience is very overwhelming.

We walked back to the hotel to take a nap and rest a bit before dinner.  Our dinner was at a Lebanese restaurant near our hotel.  The food was very good, but lots of vinegar.

We headed to bed to get some rest as our next day we head out early over the mountains into the Sahara desert.

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