Photography…. a metaphor for life.

Photography is one of those activities that really is a metaphor for life.

I have been stalking a photo for months. Waiting for the light, the weather, the leaves to get right. The subject was an abandoned house out CC highway, and any time I drive by there, I would just imagine the photograph that it could be. Today, as I was driving in from the church’s charge conference, I was admiring the sky, and the sunset, and decided that it was time to finally go ofter that photo I had been dreaming about. I got home and gathered up my things to go try and capture it. Once I got there, the light was no longer ideal, and the photograph I had hoped to capture, was just not there. However, I did come across another scene that was entirely different from what I went after, but it made a picture that I am just as happy with.

I haven’t given up on the other photo yet.


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