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2017 New Zealand – The Journey

The journey of 8,000 miles begins with a few missed steps Getting ready to leave for vacation is never fun.  There are lots of last minute chores to get the house ready, bills to be paid, animals that need care, etc.  There never seems to be enough time, but I had planned an extra day...
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2016-08 Rafting Trip – Deschutes River

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”61420745″ albumkey=”r9mfHs” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”MediumURL” imagelink=”LightboxURL” ]One of many fun shots from the 2016 Rafting trip.  This was taken on the Deschutes River.   Source: 2016-08 Rafting Trip – Brent Humphreys Share this:MoreTweetPocketEmail
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Morocco 2016 Gallery

Morocco 2016 [pydsmugmugslider albumid=”70333045″ albumkey=”c8pSJ8″ albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”MediumURL” imagelink=”LightboxURL” ] Share this:MoreTweetPocketEmail
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Morocco 2016

Morocco – Day 1 – Arrival Morocco – Day 2 – Into the Sahara Share this:MoreTweetPocketEmail
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Morocco – Day 2 – Into the Sahara

Today was our first day to head out into the Sahara.  Before heading out, I needed to take my first lesson in Morrocan economics.  Morroco is a cash driven country, and apparently, this extends to travel tours.  I learned this the hard way as the tour guide expected our payment for the 3-day tour in...
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Morocco – Day 1 – Arrival

After a short layover in Madrid and a quick flight into Marrakech, we arrived at the airport, changed our money and checked into the Le Meridian Hotel.  We dropped our bags off and hailed a cab to take us into Jama El-Fna square where we walked around a bit. In the square, it is hectic...
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Upcoming Travel

We will be heading out on an adventure in North Africa here soon. Check back for more updates as I process photos and record adventures. Share this:MoreTweetPocketEmail
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On May 2, 2015 Erica and I made our way back to Scotland to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We visited many of the same sites we visited when were were married there in April of 2005, plus we got to see a lot of things we had not last time.  It was a good trip,...
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