2018 06 Pilot Alexander

I had the opportunity to fly young Alexander this past Saturday.  The audio is not great, but it is great to be able to experience Alexander’s excitement and observations during his first flight.  Alexander made it clear that he was the pilot, so we decided that the right seat was the right pilot seat, and he was the right pilot!
This is a 360 degree video so you can scroll around and see Alexander and I inside the cockpit, as well as the views outside of the cockpit.
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Brent is Principal Technology Strategist at Stone Technologies where he works with clients to develop manufacturing technology strategies that help them meet their business objectives. He believes that a cohesive technology strategy is a fundamental way to enable information to flow to the people that need it, enabling decision making backed with accurate information. Manufacturing adds some unique requirements to IT, and as a consultant, solution architect, and solution implementer, Brent works with clients to bring the capabilities of IT to the plant floor as a means to enable the manufacturing experts to be aware of manufacturing performance, and have the necessary information to make informed operational decisions.

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