For Father’s Day this year I had the opportunity to take my dad up for a flight.  We did a tour of our area, checking out several of the farms he keeps cattle on, their house, their lot on the river, then a flight over Lake Norfork, the Norfork river, and back into Willow Springs.  I owe a lot to my dad.  He has been a terrific mentor throughout my life and a lot of how I approach life is based on how I saw him live his life.  My love of aviation was cultivated early in my life too as he encouraged me, getting me my first airplane ride, then sending me through a ground school course while I was still very young. 

This is only the second time Dad and I have flown together.  I hope that now that I have access to an airplane, we can do a lot more, maybe even do a trip or two together.

I had the opportunity to fly young Alexander this past Saturday.  The audio is not great, but it is great to be able to experience Alexander’s excitement and observations during his first flight.  Alexander made it clear that he was the pilot, so we decided that the right seat was the right pilot seat, and he was the right pilot!
This is a 360 degree video so you can scroll around and see Alexander and I inside the cockpit, as well as the views outside of the cockpit.

We went up to the airport last night to take the camper up, and do another flight with Richard.  They were running a little late, so Erica and I went ahead and loaded up to do a few takeoff and landings.  I wanted to practice for the spot landing contest.  I didn’t get the stratus on, but we did a few spot landings, then Erica did a few takeoffs, and started some pattern work.